News from Club Members

Passing this along: Mary & Warren Hohmbraker are not doing very well. Mary called and she was in the hospital last week for about 3 days. She said they still don’t know what is the matter, but they had to give her a pint of blood while she was there. Warren goes into the hospital this coming Friday, March 29th to have scar tissue removed from his knee where he had knee replacement. They are still trying to do chores at home. Mary said they sure hated to miss the sale but were unable to come by themselves this year as their family all had to work. Mary asked everyone to please keep them in their thoughts and prayers and for me to tell everyone "Hello". Darlene

The Sale Committee would like to take this time to Thank You all for coming to the sale. In a time where money is very tight, it was good to see those that came to the sale and bought tack or a horse. I do think it is also a time to get to see folks at the start of the horse season and to catch up and meet new people. One of the greatest things is the club coming together and helping out. Also want to thank all that worked the sale. It takes many hours to put on a sale of any size. Thank you all!!! Darlene Horner

On the Trail—by Eugene Mathes

We went trail riding at Weinberg-King State Park on Sunday, February 26;, Saturday, March 10; Sunday, March 11; and Tuesday, March 13. February 26 was a very windy day and we debated whether or not to ride, but our "addition" won out and we headed for Weinberg-King. The place was deserted when we arrived. After saddling Coby and Scarlet and heading down the "north rim" trail we were pleasantly rewarded by a significant reduction in wind, though it still roared in the tree tops. By now all the ice was melted on Williams Creek and so the crossings were uneventful, though probably pretty cold for the horses. Because there were no leaves on the trees the limestone cliffs on both sides of the canyon were clearly visible and inspiring. Looking down from the top of the canyon onto Williams Creek was also possible and delightful. After riding the "north rim: and eating lunch, we did the "south rim". It probably has the best view looking down from the top of the canyon onto Williams Creek. They lonely sign of new life was small area tips on Multi-flora Roses where presumable leaves will grow. When we got back, s tock trailer was in day parking with two empty halters attached—two other riders taking advantage of exceptional February weather. Saturday, March 11 we again took Coby and Scarlet. This time the park was not empty. A couple was actually camping and there were several day riders, including a couple of helmeted girls who appeared to be endurance riders. As usual we rode the "north rim", ate lunch, and rode the "south rim". Sunday we took Sprit and Cass. When we got there, the campers were heading out and the rig of a Weinberg-King fixture, Delbert, was already there. Elbert team pens on Friday nights and trail riders his horses throughout the week to muscle them up and "keep them sane." We chatted with Delbert, but chose not to ride with him since Spirit had shown signs of ’neurosis’ on her last ride. Fortunately, her "mood" had passed and we had a very pleasant ride of both rims. Tuesday we took Coby and Scarlet and this time we rode the "south rim" with Delbert and his favorite cutting horse, a one-eyed paint horse. The ride was a bit slower than we are accustomed to, but nice. We noticed that the Multi-flora Roses and other bushes had started to send out little leaves and Melissa spotted a Dandelion. Spring has sprung!!!